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Standard tempo from 150bpmTempo adjustments of +/- 20% beats to match your personal pace
for perfect sound quality developed for iPhone and Android optimised for mobile headsets
more motivationmore fun – more success groundbreaking





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The beat that moves you!

RunningMusicApp tracks are specially arranged music tracks ideally suited for jogging and other endurance sports. At last there's an end to trying to find music for your workout - which is always too slow anyway.

Feel the motivation and enjoy exercising!

RunningMusicApp tracks mean perfect rhythm and sound with infinitely adjustable tempo for jogging, speed walking, step aerobic, and exercising on treadmills or steppers.

Each RunningMusicApp track is individually controllable music playing at the frequency of your personal pace, without unwanted tempo changes or interruptions.

Hardly any pop or rock song is near the ideal range of 150 beats or steps a minute. None of them can be adjusted to your individual pace without any loss in quality and sound. – High time for the RunningMusicApp!
The RunningMusicApp pushes you with fun music, unleashes your energy and leaves you seeing results. Determine the pace at which you want to overtake the others yourself!

You can infinitely raise or lower your personal beat frequency to between 120 and 180 beats per minute, depending entirely on your fitness level. Totally synchronised with your style of running and matching your training level perfectly. The tone pitch remains the same, no matter whether you’ve got the track pushing you further or whether you’re cooling down. Distortion-free and without cartoon voice effect!

Download your training sounds now from the Apple App Store or from Google Play (coming soon)!